1. 挨家挨户 from door to door


  Doctors’ door-to-door visits save many old people’s trouble of going to hospital.

  2. 爱不释手

  can't bear standing part with/putting it down /leaving it aside


  The historical novel about/describing World War I / the First World War is so attractive that I can’t bear (to do …)/stand parting with it / putting it down (back ,aside )/ leaving it aside .

  3. 安于现状

  be satisfied with reality/ present situation


  We senior high students should have great ambition and (should) not be satisfied with reality/present situation.

  4. 摆脱烦恼

  get rid of/ to be free from worries


  Knowing (that) he is in a bad mood, I suggest his chatting with friends to get rid of /to be free from worries.

  5. 彼此埋怨 be to blame each other


  When (we are) in difficulty / When we meet with difficulties, what we need is not to blame each other but to help each other.

  6. 别无选择 have no choice but to do


  At that time the taxi driver had no choice but to turn to the tourist/traveler (for help).

  7. 不得而知 remain unknown


  It remains unknown whether Mary will attend the English Evening.

  8. 不辞而别 leave without saying good-bye


  We were greatly surprised that he has left without saying goodbye.

  9. 不可估量 beyond measure


  Although the efforts made are beyond measure, those remote mountainous cities have been accessible to cars, which makes all the Chinese people / the whole nation feel very proud/full of pride.

  10. 不甚感激 appreciate it very much

  例题:如果你一收到消息就能给我答复的话,我将不胜感激。(the moment)

  I would appreciate it very much if you could reply to me/give me a reply the moment you receive the message.

  11. 不懈努力 great effort


  Despite the great effort made by governments, more effective measures should be made to deal with the ever worsening problem of global warming.

  12. 不假思索 without hesitation


  Jim answered his teacher’s question(s) without (any) hesitation. Jim answered the question(s) asked by his teacher with no hesitation.

  13. 不尽如人意 be far from satisfactory


  The economy of this area develops very fast but some citizens’ qualities are far from satisfactory.

  14. 不容忽视 should not be ignored/ neglected


  This accident made us realize that safety problems should not be ignored.


  (The sense of) Fire protection should not be neglected (We should not neglect fire protection), or great damage might be caused to the lives and property.

  15. 不知所措 be/ feel at a loss


  Internet plays such an important role in our daily life that people feel at a loss when they can’t go online/ surf the Internet/ don’t have access to the Internet.


  The fact that consumers have lost confidence in frozen food makes the manufacturers at a loss.

  16. 彻夜未眠

  didn't fall asleep last night/ be awake all night


  Drinking only a cup of coffee will keep me awake all night.


  Hearing the news that his favorite team won the match, he was too excited to fall asleep last night.

  17. 催人泪下 people are moved to tears


  The performance put up by the disabled/ The disabled people's performance last night was so successful that many people were moved to tears.

  18. 寸步难行 can do nothing without

  例题:电脑已触及到每个人的日常生活,难怪有人说当今世界不懂电脑,就寸步难行。(no wonder)

  The computer has touched on everyone’s daily life. No wonder someone says that you can do nothing without the knowledge of computer / its knowledge.

  19. 大为惊叹 be greatly amazed/ impressed

  例题:这些十八世纪的油画保存得这样好, 使参观者大为惊叹。(so …that)

  These eighteenth-century oil paintings have been/are preserved so well that the visitors are greatly amazed/ impressed.

  20. 放任自流 let him be


  Parents often faced the choice that either they did what they felt was good for the development of the child or they just let him be.


  be single and has no friends or relatives


  Though she is single and has no friends or relatives, all the neighbors offer her help/

  a helping hand /to help her.

  22.固执己见 always stick to one's own opinion


  I find it (is) hard to cooperate with those who always stick to their own opinions.

  23.刮目相看 look at sb. differently/ with new eyes/ regard sb. in a totally different light


  He finished a difficult task on his own/independently soon/ shortly after he entered the company, so his colleagues looked at him differently/ with new eyes/regarded him in a totally different light.


  have no difficulty/ trouble (in) doing sth.


  They had no difficulty finding the warm-hearted man/person.


  There is no doubt that…/ It cannot be doubted that


  There is no doubt/ It can’t be doubted that travelling broadens one’s mind and enlarge/ improve/ increase one’s knowledge.

  26.后悔莫及regret doing


  He regretted losing/having lost the chance to win a scholarship.

  27.后来居上 catch up with sb.


  Because of illness/Being ill last week, I missed some lessons, but I will try to catch up with others.


  strengthen/ enhance one's cooperation


  Our school basketball team will not beat the opponents in the final match/final(s) unless the team members strengthen their cooperation / cooperate well with each other.


  As is known to all, …/ It is known to all that


  As is known to all, success comes from hard work/diligence, and nothing can be achieved without efforts/hard work.

  例题:众所周知,他的成功完全是努力的结果。(due to)

  It is known to all that his success is entirely/totally/completely due to his hard work.

  29.坚守岗位 keep to one's post

  例题:无论风多大、雨多急,警察一直坚守在岗位上。(no matter …)

  No matter how hard the rain falls and the wind blows, the police keep to their posts.

  30.竭尽所能 do/ try ones best to do


  We should try our best to make the city more beautiful.

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