I  consider my parents as the most important people in my life. This is not because  they re wealthy or famous. Rather, what I value about most is the care and love  they show to me.


My  parents might work hard, but they re always there for me. Whenever I get into  trouble and desperately need a hand, they come over first to support me and  encourage me. I grew up with their constant care and love. While they re getting  older with grey hair and wrinkles, they never lose dignity in both life and  jobs.


From  my parents, I have learned that one person can really make a difference. I ll  never forget their care and love. Gratefulness brings a great fullness to life.  I wish they could always be happy and healthy. It is high time we expressed our  gratitude to people we cherish!



When  I was a child ,you tought me how to speak ,how to learn ,and most important you  tought me how to be a human heing .now I can't find any proper word to  appreciate your bringing me up .your love is always so strong ,so powerful .When  I do something right or wrong ,your voice is arround me.

You  tought me how to respect others and how to hononr myself .Dad ,you have told me  everyone on the earth is equal .love everything you come upon at heart.

I  think when I have my own child ,I will follow your way to teach it .Make it a  good character .Don't worry me so much though I know I'm only a child in your  eyes .but I'm grown-up.

Finaly  ,let me say love you again.






Sincewe  were born, many people help us a lot. We should be grateful to their  kindness.But the ones we should show our greatest appreciation are our parents.  From thefirst day we appear in their lives, they give us all their love and  care, butnever expect anything in return. As long as they are there, we do not  feel anydifficulties, because they are always in front of our shelter,  preventing usfrom difficulties and danger. In order to make our lives better,  learn better, theydo everything they can to create the best conditions for us,  but ignore theirown needs. Therefore, we need to cherish parents’ love and repay  their upbringing.We should treat them as they treat us.



Last  week our music teacher taught us a song, named Indebted Heart. Through it I know  that we should live with a thankful heart. At that time, I think of my parents.  I think they are the first people I should thank. It’s them who give me life.  It’s them who give me home. It’s them who bring me up. It’s them who look after  me. It’s them who teach me knowledge and live happily. I should thank my parents  giving me so much. Maybe I should think how to pay back the love my parents give  me. But now I think the best way to be appreciated of my parents is to study  well and then being a useful person to the society when I grow up.



I  think my father is a kind man, he love help people, and always forget to do  something for himself. He has a good sence of humor, yes, I like that. That  always make us happy.

I  think he is a friend of mine. Because he always talk with me. I often feel I am  not his daughter but his friend.

I  think that my father is a good father and also a good worker. He works very  hard. So he can't play with me or my mum for long time. He think work will make  him happy because work has many funny. So he always teaches me: don't think work  is a hard thing.

My  father has many hobby. For example, he like reading, and he also like play  computer game. He use his hobby to realx. He can feel very happy if he work, and  also play.

He  is a good man, isn't he?


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