Cellphone  indeed facilitates our life.We can keep in touch with our friends any time  anywhere instead of making an appointment.We can make new friends through  QQ,getting knows what our friends are doing right away.Before,if people miss  their family,the first thing they do is to write a letter and send it home,but  now,they just pick up the phone and call their parents,they can catch them  immediately.How efficient the work is.


While  the phone brings convenience,it does harm to people’s life to some extent.Today  as cellphone’s function has been fulfilled,people share message from many  ways,like QQ,blog and so on.People like to paste pictures on the social online  world,they like to catch friend’s attention,so they take pictures as long as  they want to.If a girl goes out for dinner,the first thing she does is to take a  picture of the food instead of enjoying the food.Too much attention on the  cellphone distracts people’s focus on the enjoyment of life.


Cellphone  brings positive and negative effect to our life,we should make use of it to  facilitate our life,at the same time,we keep focus on the enjoyment of real  life,not the Internet world.



Today,  with the development of high-technology, we can get access to all kinds of  high-tech products, such as computer, digital cameras and so on. These products  make our life more convenient, we can keep in touch with family and friends any  time any where. Our life has been changed by the high-tech, we live in a  fast-pace world. Cell phone influences our life deeply, everyone owns it. While  cell phone brings many dangers. First, cell hone contains radiation which hurts  people’s body. Today, more and more people die of cancer, the main reason is  that the high-tech products radiate their bodies, in the long run, the bodies  get sick. Cell phone is one of such products, it hurts our bodies as long we use  it. Second, cell phone distracts our attention about discovering the beauty of  life. People pay their attention on cell phone, they count on it by reading news  and making friends, being less going out. We should use cell phone properly.



The  future technology unimaginable, go, mobile phone is very convenient.

I  developed a kind of the latest model of mobile phones, and rubber difference  would like, the test, you can take it in hand, tried to cheat, and when the  supervisor came over, you can immediately said: "this is the difference in  rubber." In the paper, and then moved on, the supervisor, and continue to cheat,  very convenient.

Kind  of function with this phone is can be changed into human form, when you are  happy, he will share it with you, when you are sad, he will share with you, when  you are sad, he will give you, when you worry, he will give you happiness, has a  very strong voice systems, languages, and identify system.

This  phone is better than a computer, with convenient. On the Internet, the network  is a computer 100 times, and with carry, where go to, to play games also better  than the computer manipulation, and acoustic control, the appearance of mobile  phones also can change, but also is the size of rubber is poor, if you want to  make it big, you can unlock the function of size, as well as great.

This  is developed by my mobile phone, convenient, and easy to understand.









There  are alarms that mobile-phone use is 'killing' children, although ‘very slowly’.  The question is that, if cell phones are not safe to use, then why adults should  be allowed to use them and why kids should be otherwise? Now that an increasing  number of medical experts are pointing their fingers at the effects of  radiation, parents have to weigh the obvious benefits against the potential  health risks regarding their kids carrying handsets.

Many  parents think that children should be allowed to use mobile phones as well, if  only when absolutely necessary. So, dismissed are claims that mobile phones are  entirely harmful. To begin with, harmful or not, it is not difficult to  recognize several advantages. On the one hand, working or travelling parents  could find it easier to keep in touch with their children. On the other hand,  children could communicate with their families, especially in emergencies.  Besides, a smart phone has actually become a popular toy featuring a variety of  fun ranging from MP3 to camera to the Internet. In addition, these days a mobile  phone is not expensive to buy while calling plans have become more  affordable.

Nevertheless,  warnings about the effects of radiation are getting ever louder. Critics begin  to argue that possible unknown health risks related to the phone consumption  could appear in much later life among children. According to recent reports,  such radiation is likely to cause DNA damage because young children are supposed  to be less defensive. For that matter, it is probable that radiation could  penetrate children's thinner and softer skulls with more facility. Specifically,  constant exposure could affect mental function and increase chances of brain  cancer and ear tumor. In short, believe it or not, young children now being  addicted to this modern communication device might fall victims to dangerous  diseases in 30 years or less.

Eventually,  the debate seems to focus on the importance of parental control regarding to  what extent young children should be allowed to use mobile phones for their own  benefits and at their own risks. At this point, everybody might know that mobile  phones could be 'killing slowly' and causing death in the long run, and so what?  It seems, however, that nobody is in such a hurry to that  fate.






Having  a mobile phone has some excellent advantages. Above all, convenience is the most  important one in people life. We can communicate with others whenever we want.  Afterwards, with the emerge of various applications, we grasp any chance to  succeed. Moreover, not only playing games but also surfing the internet can  relax and delight us at our spare time. In my view, mobile phones fit our  life greatly.


However,  some disadvantages of using a mobile phone are can not be ignored. The most  harmful one is that it is of much danger for us to use it when we are driving.  On the one hand, the radiation of phones does harm to our eyes much. And on the  other hand, the suddenly sound of phones may cause both of embarrassment and  disturbance. So it is advisable for us to use phones properly.


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