These  days, almost every day in the news broadcast across the country to say serious  air pollution in cities, and points out that the continuous effects of air  pollution on the human body, should also tell people how to prevent these  effects caused by a harm to human body.

However,  this isn't harmful we cause ourselves? Is human in the face of their own  "masterpiece", so powerless, helpless?

Due  to human deforestation without restraint, a large number of discharge sewage,  waste gas, rapidly deteriorating global environment. The original blue sky  became dark, clear river water becomes turbid, lively forest also become cold  and cheerless. Large amounts of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, and the  global greenhouse effect, causing global warming, sea level rise, and has  brought serious disaster to some countries.

Although  the environment continues to deteriorate, but the countries around the world are  actively respond to. This shows that human has been realized that we human  beings finally realized the importance of protecting the environment. Now, the  international on June 5 to 16, 1972 United Nations conference on the human  environment held in Stockholm, Sweden, and the world earth day, world oceans  day, world environment day is also bring some relief to the earth. After all,  human beings "sensible".

Of  course, the protection of environment, without the joint efforts of every one of  us. At ordinary times less air conditioning, work, school choice to ride a bike  or walk, reduce the use of disposable chopsticks and disposable shopping bags,  remind others to protect the environment, etc., are all support for the cause of  environmental protection, love of nature.

Let  us a little more action, a little less empty talk, the cause of environmental  protection to make their due contribution! Protect the environment, starts from  me!








Although  the world develops much faster and better, the resources on the earth get fewer  and fewer.In order to protect them,something must be done.

Save  water. Water is the source of life. No water, no life. So it's very important  for us to do so.Not only should we protect drinking water and stop polluting it,  but also make full use of it.

Save  electricity. It is crucial. We can't imagine what the life will be like without  it.Everyone should do his best to save electricity. Don't forget to turn off  lights or other electric machines when we finish working.

Save  forests. They are useful .Please stop cutting them down and use recycled paper  instead. Make our world a green one to live in.

Recycle  useful rubbish. Plenty of rubbish can be recycled like cans,paper, bottles, and  so on. We can save resources in this way.


Low-carbon,  but now the word gradually gradually forgotten by people, is not low-carbon has  been implemented to each of our households? In fact, I think it is certainly not  the case, but we are now people for this appeal has always been indifferent, how  the original is still what kind of.

With  the development of the world industrial economy, the dramatic increase in  population, the infinite rise in human desires and the uncontrolled way of  producing lifestyles, the world's climate is facing more and more serious  problems, the carbon dioxide emissions are growing, the Earth's ozone layer is  suffering from unprecedented Crisis, the global catastrophic climate change has  occurred, has seriously endangered the human environment and health and safety,  we can find in recent years, the rest of the world from time to time the  occurrence of large and small natural disasters, which may be part of the  reasons But also because of the large number of human beings caused by the  release of carbon dioxide, so we must be aware of the low carbon concept to  implement the action.

First  of all, our computer family should first be an example, when using the computer,  if not for a long time, then you can put the computer into a standby state, when  not on the unplug the plug. Not only that, if not a computer in a short time,  the best use of the computer's sleep mode, energy consumption can be reduced by  50%. In addition, as far as possible less open sound, the display brightness can  be reduced.

Not  only that, life without a one-time chopsticks, with environmentally friendly  shopping bags, less ride the elevator, are a good way to reduce carbon  emissions, which only need us to change a little habit.

In  addition, our daily travel must also be improved. Scientific Description: Every  liter of gasoline will produce 2.7 kg of carbon dioxide, with a private car is  undoubtedly living a high-carbon life, so we have to go far from the best choice  to take the bus, if the distance is not far should be the car Travel. If it can  not resist the temptation of private cars, may wish to timely replacement of air  filters, to maintain proper tire pressure, timely flameout and other vehicles  used to "low carbon", so that each vehicle can reduce oil consumption by about  180 liters per year, the corresponding reduction Carbon dioxide 400 kg.

Low-carbon  life is a lower energy, lower consumption of life, to restore its simple for the  exchange of people and nature.


Environmental  problems are as big as not for individual country or individual people to  address. In other word, we have reached the stage that environmental problems be  solved for international view. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In  recent years,many nations have become more aware of the environmental issues  each nation faces,such as air and water pollution. The question is,are the  environmental issues a national problem or an international problem?It is my  belief that the environmental issues have grown to the point of becoming an  international problem needing international cooperation to resolve.

Because  of the differences in environmental policies,resources and  technology,international cooperation could provide quicker results and have a  greater impact on bringing resolution to environmental problems for nations of  differing environmental policies and of lesser resources and technology. By  pooling international resources and technology to address the environmental  problems,the disadvantaged nations are provided the assistance needed. Otherwise  their environmental conditions deteriorate ultimately affecting the resources  and environment of the world as a whole.





Desert,  rose water, cancer… With humans don't care for the environment, damage to the  environment has a lot to do. Like a clear brook became black stink; Dense woods  turned into bare land; A variety of animals also slowly become extinct. The  earth mother is sick!

Fish  said to the bird, "you know what? This small pools has been dead for more than a  dozen fish!" , the bird said, "yeah! Don't fresh the air here, all want to put  my stuffy dead!" .

Trees  in the forest, said: "life now is very dangerous, or by some naughty children  bend the branches up; or that has been cut off. In short is having a hard  time."

Reptiles  are also said: "ah! Our days sad ah, also is afraid of people eat, or in the  zoo, or be in the circus show. It's really a terrible world!"

We  these uncivilized habits will not only bad for plants, animals, also not be good  to oneself. Some people just because of air pollution, some people get sick  because of water pollution, and mother born child is abnormal, there are some  men smoking lit trees, also caused the fire, forest were destroyed, ecological  destruction. In this way, the earth slowly turned into a garbage dump in the  universe.

The  earth is our survival homeland, destroy the earth's environment, is destroying  our human oneself. So, we human beings should protect the environment. Protect  the environment, our children to start small, put the rubbish into the dustbin,  and sent him to the correct boxes. Hope everyone is less by car and more riding  a bicycle, advocate green travel. Save water, reduce waste. Let the earth  mother's illness get better gradually. Let the sky bluer, the water cleaner, the  grass is greener and more colourful flower. Become the most beautiful and good  earth!

The  fish in the water is much more slowly, and thrive on the trees of the forest,  the animals also have a happy home! This should be our beautiful home, changed  the original bad habits, protect the environment.








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